At Game On Marketing, We give You the Power To Build marketing initiatives

With so many technologies out there, changing almost daily, it's hard to keep up. Our job is to stay on top of what's out there and map initiatives to support your KPIs. Then, using the right mix of strategy, technology, and creative platforms, we'll help you deliver personalized experiences your audiences won't forget.

We'll walk through the pros and cons of all your digital options and customize solutions aligned with your marketing and business goals for maximum impact. 


What we do

Digital Strategy

Before we discuss technologies, we'll help you define your project's purpose. Defining this will give you a better idea of what digital solutions are out there to help you succeed.


It all starts here. Ensure your project has a clear purpose by collaborating with us. We’ll help you put your vision into actionable steps and assign the right resources to bring it to life.

Integrated Marketing

You can promote marketing campaigns using a variety of tools. We’ll help you integrate all these tools and launch a cohesive marketing plan across multiple channels.

Brand Experience

Your brand is all about how your audiences experience it. Our job to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the market and makes people remember your brand.

Content Creation

Content can be powerful when created by talented and creative people. Graphics, copywriting, and coding are just a few of the ways we make sure your business stands out.

Project Management

Our experienced PMs will oversee the details of day-to-day work. With their proven track record, they can handle any part of the execution, freeing you to focus on strategic decisions.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

No matter what your event is, our team will determine the best practices and implement resources to manage it all. In-person, hybrid, or virtual, we've got events covered.

Immersive Technologies

It's easy to get lost in the world of trending technologies. We carefully research and vet each technology provider before introducing them to you. VR, AR, AI, 3D, touchscreens, and more.

So why Game On Marketing?

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with multiple industries from a strategic and operational perspective. During this time, I’ve witnessed the rapid change in technology adoption rates and strategic brand campaigns, not only as a nice-to-have but now as foundational elements in how brands capture their audiences’ loyalty. 

After working with top global brands developing strategic marketing initiatives, I decided to share my knowledge with brands worldwide, seeking proven strategies and maximum results.

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"A rare combination of digital strategist, creative lead, phenomenal presenter, business problem-solver, and client relationship leader. Adrian brings unrivaled knowledge to any program and his participation will up-level any team he's on."

Rodrigo Espinosa
Head of Marketing &
Brand Experience

“Adrian has a very rare and very desirable mix of business intelligence, emotional intelligence, and technical ability. Adrian is an astute marketer. He has the talent to lead businesses from the front and inspire others to back him.”

Adam Jones
CEO, Entrepreneur

“Adrian provided a creative eye and thoughtful digital and physical marketing as we spotlighted our consortium at HIMSS to more than 30,000 attendees. He was able to manage everything from messaging, to building out our brand and story telling.”

Vishakha Sant
Global Head
Healthcare Providers

“Adrian is a true talent at helping brands connect with their audiences at a global level. We collaborated on digital product launches in Europe leveraging our participation at international shows to provide an impactful experience to prospective global customers . An optimist who is skilled at translating digital into brand experiences. Leading clients through a well-established brand experience, with a keen eye for innovation and versed in managing complex marketing solutions”

Anthony Floreano 
Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

A little about me and my experience:

Adrian Sanchez

A leader in the event marketing industry. With 15+ years of experience, his influence has been showcased in diverse industries, ranging from Marketing to High Tech, Digital, Design, Healthcare, and Travel. His work includes the launch of digital products for experiential marketing agencies in both the US and UK and, most recently, the launch of Venn Media’s brand experience and Game On Marketing services.

Adrian’s experience as a true global leader includes working with top Fortune500 brands including Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, IBM, Ericsson, Samsung, and TikTok. This background has empowered his strategic approach to brand activations with digital experiences, which connect people in meaningful ways."


Multiple years of experience in experiential marketing and digital  

We work to make it real!

Our projects

Leading projects that demand a thoroughly holistic approach to conceptualize experiential activations for big brands. We can do all of this and more.
Here are a few of the clients we've made look really good: